It’s more than a book. It’s about taking a journey, sharing experiences, and uncovering gifts within that become a part of the fabric of a healthy community.

Too often daily living gets in the way of your ability to make your life the story you want to live. Passion and true desire get lost to a world of distractions, addictions, and over-scheduled lives. You may feel your options are few to none, but all is not lost. For eons, stories have been the way we make sense of our own lives, build community, and grow together.

Story as Medicine is a 28-day practice that takes you into the heart of your own story. In the book many different awareness techniques and creative explorations open the process to live your full potential. The journey you take becomes a fulfilling way to experience life.

Our Vision

We envision our individual stories as the medicine that brings inspiration back into our hearts which in turn spreads to others. Our stories are the common thread with every person in the world.