Suzy Wiseheart

Painter. Poet. Storyteller. Teacher. Hiker.

Suzy went from being a computer analyst/programmer to following a creative urge or drive that could not be held back.

Arts took a hold of her, and she went back to school and attended the University of Montana for a second bachelor’s degree, this time in creative writing. Next, a master’s degree in English with a thesis on storytelling.

For 12 years Suzy worked and traveled, performing and teaching storytelling, poetry, mask making, and writing in schools and other venues throughout Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. She taught workshops using the hero’s journey, based on Joseph Campbell’s mythic pattern.

During a 10-year difficult journey in her own recent life, Suzy’s lifeline and salvation became a paintbrush. She painted, wrote poems, sat by the water, left tears in the earth, and became friends with silence. She has returned from this odyssey with gifts to share and magical ways to use storytelling and art to heal what ails us, to help us find direction and deep meaning in our lives.

Creative Alchemy: Personal Consultations


Janet Weertman

Book Shepherd. Business Manager. Technical Liaison. Writer. Poet.

So often there is that one person who quietly works behind the scenes and makes everything run. So it is with Janet and Story as Medicine.

Janet produced the book and made it available to the world. She manages the social media, the website, the electronic communications, the marketing strategy, and the office just to name a few of her on-going duties.

Having left a traditional, business-oriented path to find connection with her soul, Janet explored the world of alternative healing, studies in spiritual practices, astrology, a variety of art medias, music, and poetry, as well as volunteer work, and travel.

Through Story as Medicine Janet brings together her business, technical, and writing skills with her artistry, creativity, and dedication to sharing the experience of greater self-awareness and finding the wisdom of one’s heart.