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The author, Suzy Wiseheart, leads a group through a 7-week course using the book Story As Medicine.

The videos are purchased as a set of 7 (approximately 1-hour videos). The first two videos are an introduction to the book and journey. The next 4 videos correspond to the 4 weeks of the workbook. The last video is a closure class.

These videos show a way the book can be experienced in a group setting. The women who signed up for the course were courageous enough to share their authentic lives and stories while being videotaped. Amazing transformations happened in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Who Would Benefit From the Videos?

Individuals who may not have a group and want to experience the process of being in a group. Anyone wanting to be a group leader. Teachers, counselors, book clubs, … Groups could use the videos weekly as a launching point for your own group.

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